Join/Renew Membership

Separate Donations and Chapter Membership

Annual Dues

The membership renewal is based on an annual renewal anniversary date as opposed to the calendar year, e.g. if membership is paid or renewed on December 23rd of this year, the member will be prompted to renew by December 23rd of the next year.

Full Membership entitles you to receive all benefits of the Association, including VRA Bulletin and VRA-L listserv subscriptions.

Dues are based on the following categories:

Student, Retired, Unemployed $65
Individual $150
New Member (First Time Individual Member) $100
Institutional (includes three full memberships–one primary and two secondary members. Additional secondary members may be added for an additional fee of $100 per member) $300


Eligibility for student membership status shall be capped at a maximum of three membership years (defined as calendar years, not academic years). A permissible grace period of one membership year following graduation may be included in the maximum three membership years, provided the individual has not obtained full-time employment following graduation. Unemployed membership is limited to one year, the member must be currently unemployed, and must have held a regular membership during the previous membership term.

Access to VRA-L and inclusion on the association’s mailing list will take effect immediately upon receipt of payment. Membership renewals not received by the renewal date may result in a lapse in membership benefits, including suspension from VRA-L.


Full payment must be received before benefits of membership or subscription can be activated.

Credit card payments are only available online. Options include VISA and MasterCard. For check or money order in US funds, please complete and submit our Online Membership Form, then send check or money order (made payable to the Visual Resources Association).

The form and payment should be sent to:

Visual Resources Association
Membership Services
P.O. Box 856955
Minneapolis, MN 55485-6955

For information about VRA memberships, contact:

Lise Hawkos
Membership Services Coordinator

A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.

The VRA Federal Employer Identification Number is 43-1293169.


Membership Cancellation / Dues Refund Policy Statement

Request for dues refund for individual memberships MUST be made in writing to:
Lise Hawkos
VRA Membership Services Coordinator


  • Personal or familial injury or serious illness requiring a disability leave from employer; familial death (spouse, child, etc.)
  • Unanticipated job loss (not resulting from termination for cause);
  • Unanticipated early retirement (e.g. initiated by employer due to budget crisis)


  • Voluntary job change, whether to a different employer or to a non-VR position with same employer;
  • Anticipated retirement from VR field


  • Regular Individual Membership


  • If requested AFTER the start of the membership year, but within the first 90 days, VRA will refund 50% of dues paid less a cancellation fee ($25)

Members electing not to renew their membership after the allotted membership renewal period will be considered lapsed and will be removed from VRA-L.