VRA Annual Conference – CFP

The Visual Resources Association’s 34th Annual Conference will be held in Louisville, Kentucky from Wednesday, March 29th, through Saturday, April 1st, 2017, in the Louisville Marriott Downtown hotel.  The theme for the Louisville conference is unbridled opportunities. Please mark your calendars.

Proposals are now being solicited for the 2017 program case studies, papers, posters, sessions, special interest/user groups, and workshops.  All proposals are welcome.  Click here to go to the conference proposal form.

The quality of conference content depends upon YOUR ideas and contributions, so let those creative juices flow.   Past conference schedules show the diversity of ideas and witty titles. We’ve noted some areas of concentrated interest and listed topics suggested by conference goers to get you thinking or you can use your imagination to propose ideas which expand our outlook.  If there is an area of concern or interest that you feel has not been adequately addressed, please participate in this process by submitting a proposal.  Moderators may put out calls for presenters within a proposed topic before or after the submission of a proposal.  The VRA Executive Board will be looking for articulate and concise submissions with lists of presenters, when applicable.

Data Wrangling – we can’t escape it, we can only tame it

  • Perspectives on cataloging
  • Linked open data
  • Embedded metadata
  • Data visualization
  • Copyright, copy-left and copy-wrong


Projects – whether cutting edge or managing the basics we want to hear about your work

  • Stories of success or stories of failure
  • Stories that are still being told

The Workplace – from workflows to work woes, what’s going on at the office that you could share

  • Cross departmental boundaries and language barriers
  • Tales and tips of digitization and workflows
  • Changing spaces, new spaces, and makerspaces
  • Institutional collaboration
  • Museums and archives

Expanding VR – how is your job growing, or where would you like to see VR go next?

  • Adventures in GIS
  • Alternative careers and new opportunities in the field
  • The social media spectrum
  • Digital humanities
  • Archives and analog materials
  • Issues in marketing, copyright, and licensing
  • Digital repository development and management

A session is a maximum 90 minute moderated session with 3 to 4 speakers at 15 to 20 minutes each followed by a facilitated brief question and answer period.

A workshop is a 2, 3 or 4 hour workshop to develop skills and experience in the field of visual resources, preferably with hands-on activities.

A paper is an individual idea submission, which will be reviewed for possible grouping into a session.

A special interest/user group is a 60 to 90-minute informal facilitated group discussion on topics related to a specific community within VRA.

A case study is detailed information about an individual, small group, or project, generally including the accounts of subjects themselves.  Moderators are encouraged to submit proposals.  Individual case study proposals will be reviewed for possible groupings similar to the session format.

Questions about the proposal process and the various presentation formats included in the VRA Conference program can be directed to me at strasbaughvra@gmail.com.

The proposal deadline is 

Wednesday, July 5, 2016.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Chris Strasbaugh


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