Visual Resources Association Bulletin (VRAB)


The VRA Bulletin is the journal of the Visual Resources Association, published two times a year in Summer and Winter. The mission of the VRA Bulletin is to serve the membership of the Visual Resources Association by providing a professional forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas and information directly relating the the field of visual resources.

Beginning with the 2011 publication year, the VRA Bulletin is now available online at We encourage submission of relevant content for upcoming issues.

The VRA Bulletin is divided into Association News, Professional News, Current Topics, and Feature Articles. Topical columns cover copyright and intellectual property rights; documentation tools, resources, and standards; film, video, and CD-ROM reviews; image vendor news; literature reviews; visual resources facilities profiles; regional chapter news; Southeastern College Art Conference news; and reports on various affiliated organizations, symposia, conferences, and meetings. Feature articles, authored by members of the Association and specialists from outside of the Association, cover a wide range of visual resources topics including human resources issues, digital imaging projects, cataloging and classification systems, historical collections and archives, data standards, library automation, and collection development. In addition, an annual index is published each year as part of the VRA Bulletin. An integrated index, covering the first twenty-five volumes of the VRA Bulletin, was produced for sale in 2003.

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VRA Bulletin Index

Volume 1-25 (1974-1998)

Editorial Staff

Content Editor (Electronic Edition):
Maureen Burns,
IMAGinED Consulting

Production Editor (Electronic Edition):
Hannah Marshall,
Cornell University

Associate Editor:
Astrid (Otey) Mast,
Miami University

Assistant Editor:
Chris Donnelly,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology