Crosswalks, Mapping, and Database Design

Metadata Standards Crosswalk (created by the Getty Research Institute, Revised 9 June 2009)

MARC Mappings (to various standards)

Database Design
Why Use a Relational Cataloging Tool (J. Eklund, 2008 from VRA-L)

Strategies for Data Migration in the Age of CCO and VRA Core 4.0 (2007 Conference Session)

CCO; Section VII. DATABASE DESIGN AND RELATIONSHIPS, (pp. 20-27 online pdf)

Sample ER (“entity relationship”) diagrams of relational databases
VCat (simplified collapsed view; database written in Filemaker)

IRIS (simplified and edited collapsed view; database written in Filemaker)

Local mapping, creating local data dictionaries (using Excel or flat data)
The first step would be to create a mapping of your database export fields to VRA Core 4; all other maps or data dictionaries can proceed from that.

Sample: VCat flat Core 4 Excel export to flattened VRA Core 4 (download Excel)

The following are mappings from VCat, but show the flat VRA Core 4 mappings used; they may be downloaded and freely adapted. Plug in your own local field names (replacing the VCat names column) and map (and manipulate data) accordingly.

Flat Core 4 to DC for Omeka (download Excel)
Flat Core 4 to MDID2 (download Excel)
Flat Core 4 to LUNA (2010) (download Excel)