VRA-L Guidelines

I. VRA-L Listserv mission

VRA-L is intended primarily to expedite communication among VRA members and professionals in related disciplines on important issues related to the Association, to visual resources curatorship, to related technologies, and to the profession. Although access to VRA-L is open only to VRA members in good standing and other subscribers, appropriate forwarded postings from VRA non-members are welcome.

II. Rules for posting to VRA-L

A. Who may submit messages to the Listserv: VRA-L only posts messages from VRA members or VRA-L subscribers. Membership information can be found at our website: http://vraweb.org/membership.html.

B. The prime consideration for those submitting messages: Please submit messages to VRA-L only if you are reasonably certain your message is of sufficient professional concern to a group of VRA-L subscribers–or that a reply would be of sufficient professional service to yourself–that it warrants delivery to several hundred members and subscribers of the Listserv.

C. Submission requirements: Each submission must contain the following:

i. A substantive question, comment, or information which meets the description of an “Appropriate Submission” as described below.
ii.  An accurate, concise identification of the message’s content in the subject bar.
iii.  The submitter’s full name, institutional or professional affiliation, and email address at the end of the message.

D. Appropriate submissions: Postings about substantive issues covering the gamut of visual resources curatorship and which are relevant to at least a subset of the membership are generally appropriate, except as described below.

E. Inappropriate submissions: The following types of submissions are considered inappropriate:

i. Commercial advertisements, SPAM, or solicitations. (However, members may use the VRA-L to send brief messages announcing the availability of projects, products, and services that are likely to be of interest to this community, and provide links to additional information.)
ii. Topics generally irrelevant to the visual resources community.
iii. Personal and private communications between individuals.
iv. Replies to an individual’s request for information which is not likely to be of significant interest to the membership at large.
v. Personal criticism of individuals, or even substantive contributions which violate professional comity.
vi. Personal or confidential information about others.
vii. Messages whose content, were it generally distributed, might present legal problems for the VRA as a tax-exempt professional organization, or for any of its individual subscribers.
viii. Partisan political or sectarian advocacy. (This does not preclude objective discussion of public issues or proposed legislation relevant to the visual resources community.)
ix. Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content, such as merely posting “I agree” without contributing substantively to the discussion. (Such replies should be sent directly to the author of the original message.)
x. Messages devoted solely to humor or light conversation.

F. Attachments and long messages: Exceptionally long messages (i.e. many pages in length) are discouraged because they cause problems for some subscribers with limited email storage. Persons wishing to share large documents, such as term lists or catalogs, should instead announce that interested individuals may request the material directly from the person making the offer, and the document(s) should then be sent directly to the interested parties’ email addresses, not via VRA-L.

G. Replies to requests for specific information: Replies to online surveys or to requests for an isolated bit of information for one’s own need should be sent directly to the inquirer, NOT the entire Listserv. When appropriate, the inquirer can later post a single summary of multiple responses to the listserv.

H. Responses to a previous message:  Replies to messages on the VRA-L are automatically sent to the entire Listserv unless the respondent re-addresses the response directly to the individual sender.  When responding to a message, please consider whether your reply should be sent to the entire membership; if it is more appropriately addressed to the individual sender, please replace VRA-L@LISTSERV.UARK.EDU with that person’s email address.

I. Decorum: Messages posted to VRA-L must be civil and professional in tone. Communication via VRA-L cannot provide the same freedom of expression as would be possible in a private conversation among confidants.

J. Liability: Neither the Visual Resources Association, the VRA-L manager, nor the administrators of the listserv’s host site can verify the content of postings for accuracy or be held accountable for message content. Parties submitting messages to VRA-L bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of their postings.

K. Sanctions: Egregious disregard of VRA-L rules may ultimately result in revocation of the offender’s VRA-L subscription by the VRA Executive Board.

III. Questions

Many common questions about use of the VRA listserv (such as how to unsubscribe, or how to customize your account) are covered in the VRA-L page, a direct link from the VRA website home page in the pull-down menu under “Membership.”

Please do not hesitate to contact the VRA-L Listserv Manager with any further questions or problems you might have:

Lise Hawkos
Membership Services Coordinator