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The Visual Resources Association is a multidisciplinary community of image management professionals working in primarily educational and cultural heritage environments.

The Association is committed to providing leadership in the visual resources field, developing and advocating standards, and offering educational tools and opportunities for the profession.

The Association offers a forum for issues of vital concern to the membership, including preservation and access to digital and analog image collections; cataloguing and classification; integration of technology-based instruction and research; and intellectual property policy.

Through collaboration and partnership with the broader information management and educational technology communities, the Association actively supports the primacy of visual information in the educational and cultural experience.

Our international membership includes information specialists; digital image specialists; slide, photograph, microfilm and digital archivists; art, architecture, film and video librarians; museum curators; architectural firms; galleries; publishers; image system vendors; rights and reproductions officials; photographers; art historians; artists; and scientists.

VRA Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership are many, including:

VRA has an active print and online publication program.

Highlights include:

Annual Dues and Subscriptions

The annual membership/subscription year runs from January 1-December 31.

There are two membership options:

Option 1 - Full Membership entitles you to receive all benefits of the Association, including VRA Bulletin and VRA-L listserv subscriptions.

Dues are based on the following categories:

Student, Retired, Unemployed
Institutional (3 named representatives receive the privileges of full membership)

Please be sure to include the names of up to three individuals who will receive the benefits of institutional membership.

Option 2 - Subscription Only entitles receipt of specific publication or service purchased and does not include any other membership benefits.

VRA Bulletin $60
VRA-L Listserv $60

Subscription Only payment for the VRA Bulletin may be processed through subscription services.

*New Applications or renewals received after October 15 will become activated upon receipt for the
following calendar year. New members and subscribers will receive all issues of the VRA Bulletin for the year in which their account is activated. Access to VRA-L and inclusion on the association's mailing list will take effect immediately upon receipt of payment. Membership renewals and subscription renewals not received by January 1 may be subject to a lapse in membership benefits, including suspension from VRA-L and from receipt of publications and mailings.


Full payment must be received before benefits of membership or subscription can be activated.

Credit card payments are only available online. Complete the Online Membership Form (coming mid-October). Options include VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and e-check.

For check or money order in US funds, please complete and submit our Online Membership Form (coming mid-October), then send check or money order (made payable to the Visual Resources Association) to the address below.

The form and payment should be sent to:

Visual Resources Association
Membership Services
P.O. Box 418232
Boston, MA 02241-8232

For information about VRA memberships, contact:

Lise Hawkos
Membership Services Coordinator

A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.

(Credit card Donations to VRA can also be made using the form above. If donating by check please use this pdf Donation Form.)

The VRA Federal Employer Identification Number is 43-1293169.

Membership Cancellation / Dues Refund Policy Statement

Request for dues refund for individual memberships MUST be made in writing to:
Lise Hawkos
VRA Membership Services Coordinator





Members electing not to renew their membership will be removed from VRA-L on March 1st of the following year.