1) How do I become a member? To join VRA you must complete an online membership form and submit payment. Join here. Click on “Join VRA Today” and type your email address in the “New User” field. A blank profile page will appear. Complete the form, indicate your membership level, select payment type, and click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once your form and payment are received your membership will be processed.

2) What is the difference between and institutional and an individual membership? Individual memberships are available to anyone who has completed a membership application form and paid the dues. Institutional memberships are available to any organization, firm, association, or other institution who has completed a membership application form and paid the dues. Institutional membership allows for up to three representatives with full member benefits. Additional members may be added for an additional fee of $100 each. Further information on membership classification is available in the Association Bylaws.

3) How do I subscribe to the VRA-L?
Subscription to VRA-L requires that you be a member in good standing of the Visual Resources Association. When you join VRA you will be subscribed to VRA-L by the Membership Services Coordinator (join@vraweb.org).

4) My Institution pays for my membership and they require an invoice for payment. When you join the association, fill out the membership form as directed in #1. For payment select “check,” and you will receive a confirmation email which most institutions will accept for payment. In future years you will receive an invoice prior to your renewal date.

5) How do I change the email address for my VRA-L subscription? Email the Membership Services Coordinator (join@vraweb.org), and include both your old and new address.

6) Do you accept purchase orders for membership fees?
Unfortunately, the Association does not accept purchase orders. To pay for a membership you must complete an online membership from at https://vra.memberclicks.net/login. Before you submit the form  you will be prompted to pay by check or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Once the form is submitted you will receive an email confirmation which is your receipt.

7) I’ve changed jobs, how do I update my contact information or how does my institution update my membership record with my replacement’s information? Contact the Membership Services Coordinator join@vraweb.org for assistance.

8) I have not been receiving VRA-L messages for the last few weeks and I just tried to send a message to the listserv but I got a message saying I was not authorized to send messages. What could the problem be? Likely the email address you are sending your message from is not the one that you are subscribed under. Contact the Membership Services Coordinator (join@vraweb.org) and forward the error message along with your email address.

9) I forgot my username and/or password. How can I get this information?
If you forgot your username and/or password click on the “forgot your password” link and enter your email address. This information will be emailed to you. Please note that if the email address you enter does not match the one in your MemberClicks profile you will not be able to get this information following these directions. The Membership Services Coordinator does not have access to passwords.

10) It is July and I am just now renewing. Are membership fees prorated? The membership renewal is based on an annual renewal anniversary date as opposed to calendar year. If membership is paid or renewed on July 1st of the current year, the member will be prompted to renew by July 1st of the following year.

10) What is the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF)?
To learn about the VRA Foundation click here.