Cataloging and Metadata Survey Report Released

The Cataloging and Metadata Survey (fielded between February 22 and April 7, 2017), developed by the survey working group of the Visual Resources Association (VRA) Data Standards and VRA Core Oversight Committees, has been completed. The working group prepared this report summarizing the findings, conclusions, and next steps. 

The survey’s main objectives were to:

  1. understand the scope of cataloging and metadata practice of visual resources professionals,
  2. evaluate the use and satisfaction with the VRA Core data standard, and
  3. determine how the VRA can best support the needs of cataloging and metadata professionals in the future.

We believe the findings will be of interest to the members of the VRA and to the profession in general as both continue to evolve. We thank all 157 respondents who participated in the survey. If you have any comments or questions about the report, please contact Zoe Waldron We will be publishing the report in the VRA Bulletin and any added feedback will be welcome to help develop further analysis for that article.

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