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Cross-Pollinator Fellowship to AIC: Deadline March 1

A quick reminder: Kress + DLF are offering members of the DLF community the chance to attend the American Institute for Conservation and Artistic Works (AIC) annual meeting. One GLAM Cross-Pollinator fellowship will be awarded, and will include conference registration as well as a $1000 travel stipend. AIC has some amazing sessions and fun tours … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Property Powder Keg: Fair Use and Contemporary Art Museums

Employing fair use at a contemporary art museum can feel like navigating a minefield where one lives in fear not of explosions, but cease and desist letters from angry rights holders. Despite the dearth of public domain materials, there is no need for a proverbial metal detector when publishing in-copyright images, just a healthy understanding … Continue reading

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Fair Use Week: Image Sources

Copyright law is a protection for an author’s creative works, which grants rights that belong only to the creator. Fair use is an exception in that law, and an important one, enabling others to use that creative work, and making it accessible for the continued creation and dissemination of knowledge and culture. The subjective nature … Continue reading

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