Pacific Rim Bylaws

Article I. NAME. The name of this organization shall be the Visual Resources Association Pacific Rim Chapter, hereafter referred to as the Chapter. The association is hereinafter referred to as VRA.

Article II. PURPOSE. The purpose of the Chapter shall be to promote communication among, and to provide support and professional enrichment opportunities for, members of the VRA residing or professionally active in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. VRA members who reside in British Columbia are welcome to join as well. The Chapter will also promote and support the VRA as an international professional organization.


A. Eligibility. Membership is open to all current members in good standing of the VRA.

B. Categories.
1. Individual members. Applies to individual members of the VRA.
2. Institutional members. Any of the three designated individuals of an Institutional Membership of the VRA shall be eligible for Chapter membership at the Chapter’s regular membership rate.
3. Retired members. Applies to retired members of the VRA, who pay a reduced Chapter
membership fee.
4. Student members. Applies to student members of the VRA, who pay a reduced Chapter
membership fee.
5. Unemployed members. Applies to unemployed members of the VRA, who pay a reduced Chapter membership fee.

C. Cycle. The Chapter membership year shall be concurrent with the VRA membership year.

D. Dues.
1. Dues amounts. Changes to dues amounts in any of the categories may be proposed by
Chapter members and shall be ratified by a majority of the written vote (including electronic methods) of the Chapter membership. Approved changes shall be reported to the VRA Executive Board so that they can be implemented in the bundled membership system.
2. Payment of dues. Eligible individuals may enroll in the Pacific Rim Chapter at any time by using any one of the following options:
a. Making a transaction using the member’s online account (accessed through the VRA
website); registration and payment of Chapter dues can be made with the same
transaction as registration and payment of VRA annual membership dues or as a
separate transaction from registration and payment of VRA membership dues.
b. Sending a membership application and dues to the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer.
c. Registering in person and paying dues directly to the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer at
a Chapter meeting.

E. Special assessments and fees. The Chapter may propose the assessment of additional fees to recover the per capita cost of participation in a specific Chapter-sponsored event or project, subject to the approval of the membership. Participants will pay these fees directly to the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer.

F. Privileges.
1. Only Chapter members may vote in Chapter elections or hold elective Chapter office. Visual Resources Association Pacific Rim Chapter

2. All members shall be entitled to receive minutes, announcements of meetings, and other notices of general interest to the membership.


A. Number. Chapter officers shall consist of a minimum of two, those being Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer.

B. Qualifications. Officers must be VRA and Chapter members in good standing.

C. Term. The term of office shall be two calendar years.

D. Duties.
1. The Chapter Chairperson shall:
a. Act as the representative of the Chapter in its official business including
correspondence with members and non-members as needed.
b. Conduct business and serve as program chair at Chapter meetings.
c. Make arrangements with host site for meetings.
d. Develop programs and agendas with Secretary/Treasurer and with meeting hosts.
e. Write and submit the Chapter’s mid-year and annual reports to the VRA Executive
2. The Chapter Secretary/Treasurer shall:
a. Record minutes of Chapter meetings and submit to membership for approval.
b. Produce and distribute notices of meetings (Chairperson and/or host site may do this
when appropriate).
c. Keep Chapter financial records and report to the Chapter on a regular basis.
d. Collect and process Chapter dues paid in person or by mail; receive and review
periodic reports of Chapter dues paid to the VRA through bundled membership
e. Authorize payments from Chapter funds held in the Chapter Bursary; receive and
review periodic disbursement reports of payments made from Chapter funds held in the
Chapter Bursary.
f. Conduct meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.

E. Replacement.
1. Any Chapter officer unable to perform the duties of his/her office should submit a written resignation (including electronic methods) to another Chapter officer and/or to the Chapter membership, including the effective date of the resignation.
2. Should any Chapter office be vacated mid-term, the other officer may recommend a qualified successor (with that individual’s consent) from the membership to fill the remainder of the vacated term, to which action a majority of the membership must assent by a written vote (including electronic methods).


A. Method. Officers shall be elected by a majority of written votes (including electronic methods) cast by the Chapter members.

B. Nominations. A nominating committee of at least two members shall be responsible for nominating candidates for officer positions and presenting them in written or electronic form to the Chapter membership.

C. Alternating. Officer elections shall be staggered to provide for continuity of leadership; officers should alternate their two-year terms (e.g., the Chair will be elected in even years and the Secretary/Treasurer will be elected in odd years).


A. Calling. Chapter meetings shall be called by the Chairperson.

B. Frequency. The Chapter will hold a minimum of one general meeting per year. Whenever possible, an additional meeting or meetings should be held such as at the annual VRA conference.

C. Methods. In-person meetings are preferable, but electronic methods or meetings are allowable as long as all members who want to participate can participate equally.

D. Guests. Individuals who are not Chapter members may attend meetings when invited. Non-members may be asked to pay a higher registration fee to attend and should not participate in discussion or voting during the Chapter business meeting.


A. Proposals. Proposed amendments to these bylaws may be submitted to the Chapter membership in writing (including electronic methods) by any Chapter member in good standing.

B. Approval. A written vote (including electronic methods) with a two-thirds majority in favor shall be necessary to amend these bylaws.

C. Reporting. Revised bylaws shall be submitted to the VRA Executive Board for approval.

D. Review. These bylaws shall be reviewed at least once in every five years.


A. Authorization. The VRA shall authorize the dissolution of the Chapter upon the request of its members or when, in the opinion of the Executive Board, the Chapter is no longer viable (e.g., when the chapter has not been holding meetings at least annually).

B. Liabilities. All just liabilities and obligations of the Chapter shall be paid, satisfied, and discharged, or adequate provision shall be made therefore.

C. Assets. Any remaining assets shall be transferred or conveyed to the VRA.


A. Effective date. These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Chapter membership and the VRA Executive Board.

B. Continuity. Officers elected under any previous bylaws shall remain in office until the conclusion of their terms.

approved by chapter members on 12-29-10 & by the VRA board in 03-2011