Affiliate Representatives
Charge: To participate in the activities of the assigned VRA affiliated organization, insure steady communication between the two, and seek collaborative opportunities.
Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA):
Breanne Crumpton, North Carolina Museum of Art
Society of Architectural Historians (SAH):
Jacqueline Spafford, University of California, Santa Barbara

Communications Technology Advisor
Allison Cywin, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
The Communications Technology Advisor is responsible for assisting the VRA Board, Advisory Groups, Committees, Task Forces and Chapters in promoting and implementing remote communications technologies to facilitate meetings and other events. The CTA reports to the Public Relations and Communications Officer.

Chapters, Committees, Interest Groups, Task Forces and other VRA groups can request to use the online meeting software via this form.

Membership Services Coordinator and Listserv Manager 
Lise Hawkos, Madison, WI
The Membership Services Coordinator (MSC) serves a public relations role within VRA and is most often the first point of contact for new and potential members of VRA. The MSC provides quality public service to the membership. The MSC is responsible for the maintenance of the membership database; creation and maintenance of membership forms; creating regular and specialized reports from the membership database; communication (verbal and written, in all formats) with current and future members concerning available services and any attendant problems; production of financial statements and reports for the chapter bursaries and any other as as required by the Association’s Executive Board; production of mailing labels as requested; processing subscriptions to the VRA Bulletin; entering all orders and transactions related to products and services of the Visual Resources Association into QuickBooks; co-managing with the Secretary all duties and responsibilities related to conference registration. The Membership Services Coordinator will report to the VRA President. The MSC also may consult with the Treasurer on financial matters. In the event that the President is not available, the Coordinator reports to the VRA President-Elect. Other duties may be outlined by the VRA President and mutually agreed upon by VRA and the consultant. Specific activities and tasks are outlined in Scope of Work.

Picture Licensing Universal System Coalition (PLUS)
Board of Directors Appointee

Greg Reser, University of California, San Diego
Charge: To represent the interests of the Visual Resources Association, and those of educational institutions using images, as a member of the PLUS Board of Directors.

Social Networking Coordinator
Kendra Werst, Williams College

The charge: Engage in outreach for VRA by following the Visual Resources Association’s Social Media Plan to efficiently and regularly post relevant, informative, or eye-catching content to the various Web 2.0 sites in which VRA participates (currently Twitter and Facebook).

VRA Archives
Martine Sherrill, Wake Forest University
Charge: To research best practices and policies for the management of the VRA Archives; specifically to address the issues of storage, access and dissemination of materials, including artifacts, paper documents, and electronic and digital media files; and make recommendations to the VRA Executive Board.

VRA Bulletin
Content Editor:
Maureen Burns, IMAGinED Consulting
Production Editor:
Hannah Marshall, Cornell University

The editors solicit and select news articles, professional information, and manuscripts for publication, and plan and supervise the preparation, publication and distribution of the VRA Bulletin.

Associate Editor:
Astrid (Otey) Mast, Miami University, Retired
The associate editor(s) of the VRA Bulletin assists the editor in various stages of preparing content for publication. The Associate Editor shall perform advanced editing of the entire publication up to the final pre-press stage. Other duties as assigned may include the gathering of articles, the collection of photographs, etc.

Assistant Editors:
Chris Donnelly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The assistant editor(s) of the VRA Bulletin assists the editor in various stages of preparing content for publication. The assistant editor shall perform preliminary copy editing as necessary. Other duties as assigned may include the gathering of articles, the collection of photographs, etc.

Website Content Manager
Caitlin Pereira, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
The Website Content Manager is responsible for managing authorized website users, editors and contributors, posting and editing content for publication on the website, and handling general website maintenance. The Website Content Manager works with and reports to the Public Relations and Communications Officer.